MHCO is undergoing re-branding and will now be known as Insight Healthcare. Our new website is available by clicking here

Insight Healthcare is a not for profit organisation with extensive experience as a specialist provider of primary care psychological therapy and Counselling services.

It originated as a partnership when Oakdale, an independent provider of psychological therapy services, and Mental Health Concern, a North East based charity providing a wide range of specialist mental health services, formed a partnership to deliver an NHS commissioned service in Northumberland. Hence our former name which celebrated the partnership, by using the initials of the two organisations - MHCO.

Following two years of successful joint working it became increasingly clear that the MHCO partnership had potential to provide more effective services for  commissioners and service users. This was reflected in our expansion as commissioners in a series of new PCT areas invited MHCO to provide services on behalf of the NHS.

In November 2011, Mental Health Concern purchased  Oakdale Services, thus making MHCO a wholly owned subsidiary of Mental Health Concern.  ‘MHCO’ has since that date operated as a not for profit social enterprise. Oakdale is still used as a trusted and respected brand within MHCO, particularly for  high quality wellbeing at work programmes that have been provided successfully  for many years.

As a not for profit organisation, MHCO’s objectives are now solely focused on providing health and social benefit via the provision of innovative, high quality, cost effective services.